Prevent Future Shoulder Pain After Surgery

shoulder-painWhether you’ve gone in to have a torn rotator cuff repaired or you needed invasive help to fix a frozen shoulder, you are likely interested in finding out how to prevent future shoulder pain after surgery. While it’s true you can expect a reasonable amount of pain in the days immediately following the procedure, repeat injuries should not plague your life if you take the right steps. The actual amount of shoulder pain after surgery will depend a great deal on what type of procedure you had done and why. Minor rotator cuff tears, for example, that can be repaired through the use of laser surgery should only cause a bit of discomfort. Major, open surgical procedures that are used to treat extensive tearing or serious frozen shoulders will result in a fair amount of pain and discomfort in the post-surgical period. In either case, taking the right post-surgical steps can prevent increased pain and even the development of more problems down the road.

Physical therapy is a key component in the recovery process following shoulder surgery. Therapy, in fact, often begins almost immediately following shoulder surgery. If you don’t follow the right procedures and stick with therapy – no matter how painful it is – you could end up with even more shoulder pain after surgery.

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More Women Interested in Preventable Cancer Breast Surgery

From 1995 to 2005, the number of women with breast cancer in one breast that opted for removal of the other breast to prevent cancer doubled in New York State Hospitals. There was also a slight increase in the number of women at risk for breast cancer who underwent preventable breast surgery. This data was reported in Cancer, a journal for medical professionals.

The proactive approach was sought after by over 6000 women who had breast cancer in one breast and nearly 700 women who did not have breast cancer, but were at risk for breast cancer, according to N.Y. hospital discharge records and the New York State cancer registry.

Though, physicians warn that the risk of breast cancer in a second breast is 10-20% in up to a 30 year time period. So, preventable mastectomy may not be required, but is elective for some women. The appeal for preventable surgery may be four fold. First and foremost, is the desire to prevent cancer, surgery and radiation. Secondly, breast augmentation is a common procedure among women. Thus, there is another reason why preventable breast surgery is not intimidating for many women today. Women may desire to increase breast size and reduce the risk of breast cancer simultaneously. Women may also feel a greater sense of well-being following preventable breast surgery and augmentation. The number of women that proceeded with breast augmentation has not been documented. Yet, it is surmised that the numbers are comparable.

The number of women in the preventable surgery category is small, but the number of women who have elected preventable breast surgery has definitively doubled in New York from 1995 to 2005. Women interested in preventable breast surgery must be fully informed about the risks associated with surgery, complications that may arise and alternatives to having preventable breast surgery before undergoing the procedure. Preventable breast surgery and augmentation are separate procedures and both have a set of risks and benefits that must be thoroughly evaluated before making the decision to proceed with preventable breast surgery.

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